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Vocational Skill Training

Eva Said:

Civilian Electrician vs Military Electrician?

We Answered:

I applied back in May to become an apprentice Electrician with the ADF Army. At my YOU session talking with the Careers Counsellor I was told that becoming an apprentice electrician in the Army is difficult and that they only accept a very small amount of apprentices each year. Also at the time they were not recruiting apprentices but only fully qualified electricians, so I couldn't even apply to be first inline for an opening. I also completed my Cert II in electrotechnology (pre-voc) and the careers counsellor didn't have much to say about it. I'm sure if you become an apprentice in the ADF it would shave a few modules off your training process.

From what I found out, you should be doing what most civil electricians do. -… gives you good examples.
You do receive civil accreditation apon completion so when you leave you will be able to work as a spark anywhere. With IET you will be working with a civil contractor for some time and also spend time at the Army School of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. Once completed you will working with one of the Combat Engineer Regiments. So if there you are forced to specialise in a certain electrical area I'm not sure.

My personal opinion if you can get in the Army as an Electrician do it, it will be well worth it. If you can't you can always find an apprenticeship in the civilian world and apply as a qualified electrician later on. I applied to the ADF as an apprentice electrician in the Army and that didn't work out and now i have been recommended to the Navy as a Avionics Technician in Avionics which is similar but working with electronics on aircraft's.

Keep your options open and good luck!

Marion Said:

Can I introduce myself?

We Answered:

I'm sure we can coexist nicely. You're welcome anytime.

Russell Said:

military tuition assistance?

We Answered:

TA is approved as long as: 1) you're earning credits (even for certificate programs) and it's based on semester/quarter/clock credit system, 2) the school/institution is approved for TA (a lot of vocational schooling is not), and 3) if it's for something like flight school- only IN CLASSROOM time could possibly be considered. It really depends on how that particular schooling is broken down. Other than that, most branches' TA policies limit you to one certification paid for (as long as you don't already have an associate/bachelor/or master's degree earned) by TA. The best thing to do is ask your base's education office. Every branch has their set of rules that indicate what you can use TA for.

Lois Said:

is london metropolitan university a bad university?any recent updates?

We Answered:

Yes, it is bad. Don't bother.

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