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Vocational Training Courses

Courtney Said:

What is the most expensive and or rarest job training that you have ever heard of?

We Answered:

National Test Pilot School

Check out their Master of Science in Flight Test Engineering

I don't think it could get any more extreme than this one and I'd bet nobody in your town has this degree. I don't think they get much more expensive either.

Performance and Flying Qualities Course is $441,000 for 26 weeks. Yep, that's nearly half-a-million dollars for one class.

The Introduction to Fixed Wing Flight Testing Course is only $6900 for 2 weeks.

These people make more money than most of us can imagine.


Gerald Said:

Which make a lot of money bartending or waitstaff? Please share ur ideas.?

We Answered:

They are both capable of making a very good living. It just depends on what you want to do.

You are not going to make a boatload of money as a waiter at a local diner. However, if you can score a nice gig in Vegas or a popular restaurant in LA or NYC, you can earn $500 or more in tips each night.

Bartending is the same thing. A bartender is not going to make a boatload of money at a restaurant. He has to be at a club where things are happening. If you're at the right club, you have the opportunity to show off your skills or create a new drink. Do that and you can starting pulling down some good money.

Lois Said:

I think you know the answer?

We Answered:

Vocational training or courses teach you skills that can be used in employment.

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