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Vocational Training Equipment

Rick Said:

English problem,help me correct the following sentences please?

We Answered:

Many recruited employees come from rural areas and had no basic vocational training. At the workplace they were just guided about work operations. Therefore, they lacked knowledge of work safety laws and regulations. They also did not know about hazards and risks for prevention in their work environments, etc. As a result, there were 793 accidents caused by employees’ breaches to regulations on work safety (making up 26.5 % of the total of the cases).
- There were 196 accidents (making up 6.5% of the total of the cases) due to other persons breaching work safety regulations. Some employees, despite being fully vocationally trained for work safety, just cared about productivity, and did not follow the safety rules, etc. leading to pitiful occupational accidents for themselves and other co-workers.
- There were 76 accidents (making up 2.5% of the total of the cases) due to non-usage of personal protective equipment, although they were fully provided and guided by employers.

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