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Vocational Training For Students With Disabilities

Elsie Said:

What help is there for visually handicapped students in school (e.g. massage school)?

We Answered:

There are a great many assistive technology devices that provide access to print materials and most anything else you need to access for school. Examples include magnification software, oversized monitors, screen readers (that read computer text aloud), scan and read systems to load print materials and then have them read aloud, CCTV systems to magnify print onto large monitors, and much much more! Look for a center, maybe a member of the ATA (Alliance for Technology Access) that can help with identifying appropriate technology for your needs. Also, get registered with vocational rehabilitation services in your state. They can provide technology assessments and help purchase equipment you may need for school. Good luck!

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CCTV systems to magnify print onto large monitors, and much much more! Look for a center, maybe a member of the ATA (Alliance for Technology Access) that can help with identifying appropriate technology for your needs.

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