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Vocational Training High School

Norman Said:

what would you do if you got this call?

We Answered:

You handled it very well. I would have raised holy he** if it were my child. I can't blame you in the least. I would want it brought to someone's attention so that maybe the issue of jewelry in the food prep area could be addressed. You're right.

Suzanne Said:


We Answered:

Compared to other health professionals, yes, vets are paid much less. However, compared to the general population, veterinarians do live very comfortably. You will probably never be rich, but you will be able to afford to travel and things like that.
Currently, the starting salary is somewhere around $60-70,000/year. After a few years on the job, most will make around 100,000/year. If you decide to own your own clinic or become a board certified specialist then you can make $200,000+
Of course, it does depend on what type of position you take. For instance, the humane society won't pay nearly as much as a position at a normal clinic. Also, equine vets tend to make the most and exotic animal vets the least.

Veronica Said:

What is a good career choice?

We Answered:

You got to start w/what you would be interested in and go from their. Talk to schools and their career counselors. If you really don't make much you might be able to qualify for financial help like a Pell Grant or other grants you don't have to pay back - so check into that.

There's not many jobs that have short schooling that pay well, so consider that when making a choice. You could go to school to be a Phlebotomist, Pharmacy Tech or Surgical Tech, it's only a year to get through the programs. Phlebotomist make ok money, but Pham Tech & Surgical Tech's pay pretty good so they may be worth considering. Becoming a Cosmetologist (Hair stylist) is only a year, and you can do pretty good at it, there are other jobs in this field too, like Esthetician (do facials & skin treatments), manicurist and/or pedicurist. So if that interest you look into that.

Don't fall for the Medical Billing, Medical Assistant schooling you'll pay a lot for your education and get out making maybe a few dollars more than minimum wage.

There's lots you can do and go to community colleges or smaller colleges to get your education. You just need to do your research and try to find something you will enjoy.

Hope this helps!

HR Manager

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