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Vocational Training In Canada

Marshall Said:

Advice me, how should I start my independent life?

We Answered:

Well buddy,

I know how you feel but that time always happens at one point in anyone's life, I'm 19 and live in Glasgow, Scotland, UK and i started my independent life last year, still in scotland, one things for certain, make sure you have enough money before you set out as nothing is free. plus you'll need to get a job soon to finance your living such as food water, electricity, car etc.

So my advice is look online for jobs in the country (first) you want to go to, see if there's any positions and go at it like there's no tomorrow.

Or alternatively stay in the country you are now and get trained up so you have enough qualifications to get a decent job, then leave.

Good luck to you friend.

Miriam Said:

Should I Join the Army?

We Answered:

well if you like challenging consider this 1 out of 3 homeless people are military veterans, when a soldier comes back from war nomatter what his MOS they have PTSD, a leg blown up and facial disfigurement. watch the truth on 9/11 at the source i have.

Wendy Said:

Building road to my future...?

We Answered:

first of all you have to love and believe in yourself
i totally feel you cause i am going through th same problems of your's
i reallllllly hate math and i dont want to study it . I cant see the benfit to study it for me
i love writing , i write. and there are plenty of jobs to do i like . but my family doesnt what them because they think its not worthy actually . i come from a medical family. and i as you wanna go abroad like us or canada but my family refuses, they are scared to send me ,but my brother is there anyways maybe i talked too mutch, sorry ...
you study or work jobs what you want because if u do u will excel in itttttt , and dont pay attention to what people think of u

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