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Vocational Training Meaning

Chris Said:

Wht is the meaning of "Vocational apprenticeship training"?

We Answered:

Education in a variety of skilled trades is often done via apprenticeship training. In addition to book learning, apprentices learn their chosen trade by doing it, under the close supervision of a master, until they are skilled enough to become journeymen.

In the times before technical schools, colleges, and universities became widely available to the general public, all trades and many professions trained this way: blacksmith, weaver, dyer, furniture maker, painter, sculptor, even lawyer. A few of the trades that still use this form of education include electrician, carpenter, plumber, and mechanic. In a resume, a person would refer to him or herself as, for example, a journeyman carpenter or a master electrician.

Note: just as an interesting point of information, this is where the term 'masterpiece' originated. When an apprentice finished his apprenticeship, he became a journeyman, which literally meant that he would travel around plying his trade. Often journeyman level would be the highest level attained, and he would always be either someone else's employee or set up on his own. But if he did a piece of work that clearly showed that he had entirely mastered his craft or trade he became a master and could take on the training of apprentices. The work that proved his mastery was called his masterpiece.

Robert Said:

What are some of the most vocational liberal arts majors?

We Answered:

Liberal arts by definition are non vocational. The most practical liberal arts majors are languages, also any liberal arts degree can be used to teach that subject (teaching requirements vary by state, so check yours).

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