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Arnold Said:

I don't know what I should do...?

We Answered:

Well, the question really is... do you love this man, and want to be with him? I have been in a similar issue, and know that you can work through it if you want to stay with him.

For us, it took some prodding, but my husband finally found a job, and has been employed steadily for over 5 years. It sounds like your husband needs a reality check! You can't be his sugar momma forever! He needs to be a man, and get out and support his wife.

Do you guys have any married friends? Maybe see if one of the husbands can talk to him, and help him find a job, maybe? I had to help my husband find a job when he was unemployed. It wasn't ideal, $7 an hour, physical labor job, but it helped pay the bills, and he knew it was either that or move back in with his mom because we couldn't afford the apartment! Good luck hon!

Also, to the woman who said that being married at 20 is way too young, you are wrong. My husband and I met at 17 and 19, and we were married at 20 and 22. We just celebrated 5 yrs married, 8 together, and couldn't be happier. Just because you may be immature at the beginning of your marriage doesn't mean that you can't grow up and grow old together!

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