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Vocational Training Projects

Jill Said:

Please, Could anyone check my motivational letter? I'm not English.?

We Answered:

I am writing to apply for the 14 week training programme in the Leonardo da Vinci project.

Currently, I am in my first year at the University of Palmero studying “Advertising Technique”. Advertising is an important field of interest and I feel it is very useful in sectors of work. These studies enable me to increase my potential and develop my creative abilities.

During my studies, I have found that my interests are focused particularly in the area of Marketing, with emphasis on marketing strategies and public relations. In December, I completed a vocational training school that established a connection between my interests and a new theme for me: the ambient. It made me aware of sustainable tourism, sustainable development and environmental protection. If I am given the opportunity to participate in the Leonardo da Vinci project, I hope to gain important work experience in this field to broaden my horizons in addition to enhancing my career profile.

Completion of the training would provide me with the opportunity to explore different working methods and practise the knowledge I have gained at university.

Through my previous training experience, I have gained excellent communication skills and now have the ability to adapt quickly to new surroundings and situations. I also now have the commitment and perserverance which is needed in working towards and achieving aims.

To be given the opportunity to participate in this project would be really exciting. I would be able to develop my professional and personal identity, improve upon my English and learn to be a responsible itizen who is actively interested in a new country's welfare and culture.

Yours sincerely.

(You put Yours Sincerely if you are writing to a specific person, such as Mr Black or Mrs White, but if you're writing 'Dear Sirs/Madam' or something like that at the top, then write 'Yours Faithfully'.)

Janet Said:

Do you know of a reputable charity organization that has the following criteria?

We Answered:

Whenever I have a question about charities I go to

Check out United Methodist Committee on Relief - CEO gets 155,000, less than 1/5 of 1 percent of their budget. Admnistrative expenses hover around 3.9 percent of their budget. All of this information is available at the website.

If you type a charity's name into the search engine on this site you will get similar charities listed that you can check out.

Patsy Said:

Uprgrading from 60A service, want to tackle the project on my own. Looking for wisdom/advice.?

We Answered:

You are responsible for everything but the wire coming from the pole. You pay for weather head, meter housing, etc. And you "rent" the actual meter from the power company. More often than not the panel is just on the opposite side of the wall from the meter housing. To upgrade service to say, 200A, you will basically have to replace everything. You will run into several obstacles. Higher capacity panels are bigger, requiring stud modification, which usually leads to the wires coming up short of reaching the breakers. What you are talking about usually takes an electrician with apprentice a full day, and that's for someone who does this sort of thing a lot. It is easier to to it all at one time. Relocating the panel is a nightmare in older houses. You will have to check with local codes to be sure of what needs to be replaced/upgraded and to what extent. Where I am from you have to get a permit for that kind of work, even if you do it yourself, they will want to see that you have the skills required and might require you to take a small test and supply the code enforcement office with an outline of what you plan on doing.
Personally, I would just hire it done. It will get done fast, properly, and be guaranteed. They will pull the permits you need and work with the power company to get it done. They will also know exactly what needs replaced, etc.

Lester Said:

I need 3 people with careers to interview for my vocational project, can you help?

We Answered:

adel alkhteeb,
aviation engineer
final test for air crafts
ground run during rain
5 years

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We are running a small centre for job based courses. I would like to know whether you can provide me with some Vocational training projects which I can get help for my new training batch. I run vacation classes for graduates and help them to prepare for the next level of their career.

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Relocating the panel is a nightmare in older houses. You will have to check with local codes to be sure of what needs to be replaced/upgraded and to what extent. Where I am from you have to get a permit for that kind of work

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Vocational education base on job or service too known as occupational education and training or VET is learning that prepare populace for exact trade, craft and career.

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