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Robert Said:

i'm a case worker and i have a young lady who is 18 yrs old and was awol for most of her time from foster care?

We Answered:

There comes a point where you have to let someone hit bottom. The need to want to help themselves if you just keep chasing her then you are an enabler (or as my husband calls them a do gooder). You can't help her and should be spending you time on those who want and need your help.
I know social work is hard and thankless and heart rending but you have to let go of her and be ready when she does want help.

Ida Said:

Private Prisons: The New Plantations of Modern-Day Slavery?

We Answered:

impressive. i wrote on a paper on this (ignored my teacher's assignment) i got in alot of trouble for it.

look up these people:
Huey Newton
Sophie Scholl: led the White Rose movement i.e.: german students opposing Hitlers regime
Che Guevara
take a reaaaaal close look at Ghandi, MLK, Malcolm X.....i've learned more from them than my college professors

The poor remain poor and the rich become richer....i used to not believe that. but we are in recession, loss of jobs, worsening ghettos....meanwhile the top 1/5 of the upper class (corporation owners) are richer than they've ever been in american history


Mike Said:

Do I have to submit all college transcripts when I transfer?

We Answered:

Yes you have to submit all your transcripts from all the schools you have attended when you transfer. Yes, they will find out. They must have all your transcripts because they require it. Read the fine print on the admission application it will say you must list all schools you have previously attended. If you don't, when they check it you will be expelled for failing to follow the schools policy on the student code of conduct.... ie lying/omitting info on your admission form.

College credits NEVER go away. They will ALWAYS be a part of your record and a part of your academic history. Just so you know there are several NATIONAL databases the school uses to track this.

pay off the balance and get your transcript. It's the right thing to do.

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