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Vocational Training Uk

Annette Said:

Vocational qualifications?

We Answered:

9 years experience shows an ability, consistency, and an employability for a start. If you were to apply for other jobs a good reference and CV (and say you are willing to study) would count for a lot.
However, if you want to get the paper first then distance learning or night school may be the way to go
distance learning - many different levels -for mature students with varying entry requirements. you may want to get the basics first, or if you have them go for something more complex. Here -

Night school - try your local colleges and ask them for a prospectus

Also speak to your employer and ask them if they are willing to support you attending college during the day to get the qualifications you want.

Find your local careers office -check out what they have to offer you (and an employer)

Good luck

Mike Said:

What does my dream mean (winding stairs)?

We Answered:

Climbing up the winding staircase represents your aspirations and ambitions in life. First you are given a choice to settle for something a little 'higher up' , (the balcony) but you choose to go for something more ambitious so you carry on up into a level that is unknown (the darkness). Near the top you are hampered by your high heels - your own ego elevating you into thinking you're a bit more wonderful than you really are. Rational thinking (the teacher) tries to compensate for this inflated self opinion, but you reject it. But at the top of the staircase of ambition there is no wonderful view - only darkness still, indicating that you have lost most of your perspective. Your ego is now looking down upon the people who you used to consider your equals, and some deeper part of you is not happy about that. It seems to be a dream prompting you to take up your ambitions and take another course to better yourself, but to retain your sense of humility and not become egotistical over yoru achievements. Also.did you drop out originally because of some sense of not being able to handle success?

The next scene is similar in content to the first. You are being taken out of your comfort zone into unfamiliar surroundings which are posh - so you are going up in the world. Being on your knees is a symbol of humility - you dont want to accept an elevated status but your grandparents (symbol of wisdom) try to prevail. The lack of boyfriend seem to suggest that he will not be with you in this future life. The train is a symbol of life's journey and again there is the reference to posher things 'royal red' - the bridge is the link between here and a future place. The stationary train indicates you have not yet committed yourself to your future.

In the final scene the darkness again comes and with clarity hidden, you choose to sleep, or to lapse into unconscious behaviour about your life. When you are ready to take responsibility for your life your relationship with your mother has changed. In the place where she lives, 2 portals seem to have opened up, one outwards into the world, and one inwards. Your mothers physical presence is no longer needed - you are free to make your way in the world with her love and special qualities absorbed within your being. Time passes and parents' roles change - the mothering years die to be reborn into the joy of the child reaching independent adulthood.

So this dream is all about growing up, letting go of your mum, in order to take your place as a fully functioning adult, taking up your ambitions in order to honour your own desires and dreams and all the investment your mother has put into bringing you up. Dont be afraid to reach high - you are worthy of it - burt remember that your ego should always be kept under control once you do start to become successful - you may become a career woman with status and wealth, but that does not maek you 'better' than someone else who has lived a more humble life.

Ian Said:

Which Schooling has Higher Entrance Requirements: Osteopathy or Poultry Farming?

We Answered:

I must admit it's a bit of an eye opener when you actually see it all in black and white like that. I wouldn't mind so much if they stuck to what they do which is basically back massage, but the worrying thing is they have pretenses to pass themselves off as doctors with nothing more than a standard bachelors degree under their belt. Obviously it's not that rigorous a course either with the entry requirements.

Even my old university is wanting 240 points for an engineering degree these days, and to get proper accreditation requires more than just a bachelors degree but you need to do an additional two years for your masters.

It shouldn't be allowed that people can pass themselves off as doctors when they are not. It's wanting professional recognition when you're not good enough to get it. There is no excuse to have a protected title for these fakers.

Angela Said:

My sister wants to train as an lgv driver - can anyone help/give advice please?

We Answered:

Truck driving sounds great but i've had 22yrs of Class1 trucking & things have taken a turn for the worse over the years. Pay is at an all time low, Traffic is horrendous, Employers get more unscrupulous with each passing day, The Police can't wait to nick you for any tiny thing, You literally take your life in your hands everyday Etc, Etc, Etc. It used to be a respectable job but now you are only as good as your last load! My partner took her test 5yrs ago & has gone back to office work, I'd join her if I could!

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